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Academic Appointments and Titles

Adjunct Rights

Anti-Union Animus

Compensatory Time

Creeping Work Hours

Defense and Indemnification of State Officers and Employees

Dress code

Extra Service Pay Policy

Faculty Tenure Track

Holiday Comp Time


Leave Time to Vote (updated)

Medical Documentation for Sick Leave

Medical Emergency Assistance Benefit

Mileage & Parking

Non Members Forgo Benefits and Timely Information

Notice Required If Quitting

Options for Dealing with Workload Creep

Performance Programs and Evaluation Dates

Professional Employee Break Time

Prior Service Credit

Quarter Day Rule

Retirement Explained

Return of UB Property

Sick Leave Donation Pool

Sick Leave Credit Estimator for NYS Employees

Small Claims – December 2022 Blizzard

Supervisors and Counseling

Tuition Assistance & Professional Development

Template Letter for Voluntarily Taking on More Work

UB Seminar (Formerly UB 101) Voluntary Instructors

What to do when they come for you

Workload and Service Credit