Did You Know

Faculty Tenure Track

If you are on a tenure track line but have not yet received tenure, you should not be asked to undertake substantial administrative tasks. This is stated specifically in the Policies, Procedures, and Criteria for Faculty Personnel Actions Section ll.A. The reason for this, is so that faculty members working towards tenure are allowed a full opportunity to develop as scholars and teachers, or as librarians.

The UB University Policies & Guidelines for Faculty & Staff provides a lot of detail on what is expected of faculty members, as well as the procedural steps for tenure review.

Once a faculty member obtains tenure, there is no requirement that he or she be evaluated annually. In fact, an evaluation should only occur if the faculty members want to be promoted or if there is a concern with the faculty member’s performance. An annual evaluation is not the same thing as an annual report, which faculty members can be asked to complete every year.

Last updated: April 2020