Did You Know

Holiday Comp Time

Employees who are off work and charging a sick or vacation or holiday accrual have no obligation to perform ANY work. They should not be expected to check emails or answer calls.

UUP recognizes UB’s need to staff certain units.  Sometimes employees are required to be on-call on contractual holidays. This means that if you are placed on-call by your department, you are not actually off work and should not be expected to charge a holiday accrual, even if you were never called.

Article 23.5 of the contract states that an employee who works on a holiday is entitled to a day, or a day and a half of comp time off in lieu of that holiday. 

Working on Thanksgiving or Christmas entitles you to a day and one-half of holiday comp. Working New Year’s Day can, at the employee’s option, be compensated with pay or holiday comp.

Last updated: April 2020