Did You Know

Medical Documentation for Sick Time

Article 23.4(f)(3) of the UUP Contract permits the College President to require an employee to furnish suitable medical evidence from the employee’s physician at ANY time he or she is absent and using sick leave. 

Your medical information is confidential and protected by HIPAA.  Your supervisor is not entitled to know your medical information, or even who is treating you.

UUP and Employee Relations (ER), the President’s designee for this issue, have an agreement that all medical notes for UUP employees should be sent to Human Resources (HR).

If a supervisor asks you to provide medical documentation for an absence, just tell your supervisor that you will provide the medical documentation to HR.  Your supervisor will then be advised by HR only that you provided sufficient documentation, not any detail on what you are being treated for, or by whom.

Last updated: April 2020