Did You Know

Compensatory Time

UUP professionals are eligible for, and entitled to, compensatory time. “Comp time” is compensatory time given to employees who have worked beyond their professional obligation. The UUP Contract DOES specifically contemplate comp time (in Appendix A-29) and you should request it if you are requested to work beyond your obligation. 

An example of a reason to ask for comp time is, for instance, if your normal work schedule is Monday-Friday, and you are asked to come in on a Saturday to cover an open house, attend a conference, cover a game, etc. If you occasionally work a few hours overtime in one week, that is usually considered part of your obligation. If you do so every week, however, or if you are asked to work several hours beyond your obligation, you can ask for comp time. 

Remember that comp time need not be given on a 1 hour = 1 hour basis. Departments differ in the way they handle these requests, but again, the contract requires you to request the comp time before you put in the extra hours so that you receive approval from your supervisor in advance. This prevents misunderstandings about just how many hours you are working and whether or not these hours extend beyond your professional obligation. 

It is best not to accumulate large amounts of comp time. It does not expire, and there is no requirement to take it within a certain period of time from when it was accrued. It has no cash value when you leave UB. It is preferable to use it, and it is treated similarly to vacation. Requests to take accrued comp time should not be unreasonably withheld. 

We suggest that when your supervisor asks you to work these extra hours, and you are willing to work them, that you send him or her an email and in that email indicate how much comp time you would like, and if you know, include when you will be taking compensatory time (“I’ll be in at noon on Monday” or “I’ll leave at 3 or 4 on Tuesday or “I’ll take off Thursday,” for instance.) If you get no reply it is construed as agreement. 

No supervisor should ever tell an employee that there is “no such thing as comp time” or “Our department doesn’t recognize comp time.” If you are told this, please contact us at 716.276.3377 or 

*This is different than comp time earned by employees who are FLSA non-exempt. 

Last updated: April 2020