Remember to complete UUP’s Contract Negotiations Member Survey

What do you want to see in the next UUP contract? How should UUP approach its negotiations over compensation, health benefits, telecommuting, contingent faculty concerns, hospital issues, and more?

Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to complete UUP’s Contract Negotiations Member Survey.  When we go to the table, we want to make sure that we are bargaining on behalf of the pressing needs of our members. We also want to be able to emphasize to the State that we have an active, engaged membership—a membership that is paying attention to negotiations and needs to see specific, material improvements in our working conditions.  

Completing the survey doesn’t take long and it will give us leverage at the table. We’ll be closing the survey on 12/17 so that we can begin to prepare our contract proposals. Once you have completed the survey, please take a minute to remind your colleagues and co-workers to do the same. As always, we’re stronger together.