Upcoming UUP Chapter Workshops: Leaves, Performance Programs, and Benefits for Part Time Members

Fellow members,

Back by popular demand, we have more dates for our workshops on Leaves and Performance Programs. We also added a special workshop that reviews all the union benefits available to our part time members. We set dates both during lunchtime and in the evening to make sure there’s a time for everyone.

Please register in advance for the workshops using the links below. See you then!

In solidarity, Pamela

Workshop Descriptions (All workshops will leave time for questions)

Leave Benefits

This workshop will provide information on all of our leave benefits, including leave for sick time, vacation, professional development and family leave. We will have time for questions.

Performance Programs

Performance Programs are critical to a professional’s work.  A properly constructed performance program provides clear expectations, objectives, and criteria for evaluation. This workshop will review the components of a good program, contractual obligations of a supervisor, and problems that have been known to happen. We will have time for questions.

Part Time Member Benefits

Did you know as a part time member at Empire, you are likely earning vacation and sick time? That you are eligible for the space-available tuition waiver? And many more benefits, too! Come to this workshop to learn all the contract provisions and benefits that apply to you.

Register Here for the Workshops

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16th at NOON: Leave Benefits,HFEKnzbbZU-kUy4j4mTOkA,0WBkgbiKMk60IVZi-VjJ_g,nycOUCvWY0aor2FgrqBiOg,J6FwJcJQQ0WG9ea9xoHt3g,Vn2hc-AbOUmkcEzlbbW21w?mode=read&tenantId=50091132-5464-4f69-98c6-d089ea5e875c

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30th at NOON: Performance Programs,HFEKnzbbZU-kUy4j4mTOkA,0WBkgbiKMk60IVZi-VjJ_g,xHWyJRmzy02OIR6JOYEGyQ,x3ULX2E4IkyrqkE1KNcyrA,cGSKiWlcb0Omb-CVBrc7wA?mode=read&tenantId=50091132-5464-4f69-98c6-d089ea5e875c

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8th at 5 PM: Performance Programs,HFEKnzbbZU-kUy4j4mTOkA,0WBkgbiKMk60IVZi-VjJ_g,StL-alV7zUG6lPHNL7zLLw,-nZySQUthkmJ2g11jVdDkw,SmkX7T8240Oa1yZAlPnQlA?mode=read&tenantId=50091132-5464-4f69-98c6-d089ea5e875c

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8th at 6:30 PM: Leave Benefits,HFEKnzbbZU-kUy4j4mTOkA,0WBkgbiKMk60IVZi-VjJ_g,gaG98RuFMUGMbzPWBdzePA,q3L2wv78B06dEmKBiQE2fA,rF4v6zONUEi4-xVyExlzkw?mode=read&tenantId=50091132-5464-4f69-98c6-d089ea5e875c

THUSDAY, DECEMBER 15th at NOON: Part Time Member Benefits,HFEKnzbbZU-kUy4j4mTOkA,0WBkgbiKMk60IVZi-VjJ_g,95uu2FClXUeGptLrMiLPag,cM1XqT3gykuXRkQ6kcxGvw,ThH273ew6UGYDgwzjqVrzA?mode=read&tenantId=50091132-5464-4f69-98c6-d089ea5e875c

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15th at 5 PM: Part Time Member Benefits,HFEKnzbbZU-kUy4j4mTOkA,0WBkgbiKMk60IVZi-VjJ_g,WtJwciaCGkS06vuANWRHzQ,572J1mDGKk6ooji55zWvgg,jZo9Wi3vAkWGWQBv6uAmGw?mode=read&tenantId=50091132-5464-4f69-98c6-d089ea5e875c

Benefits General

Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP)

The time is now! Open enrollment for the Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) starts November 1 and continues through December 12!  The PEP program provides a means by which eligible employees – generally, NYSHIP enrollees who earn vacation and currently make less than $103,433 a year – may cash in previously accrued vacation days for a bi-weekly credit to reduce the cost of their health insurance premiums. The number of days that may be forfeited to receive this credit varies based on income.

  • Full-time employees with an annual salary at or below $72,366 who enroll in PEP for 2023 will forfeit either three days or six days of annual leave in return for a credit of up to $600 or $1,200 that will be used to reduce the employee share of NYSHIP premiums deducted from paychecks in 2023.
  • Full-time employees with an annual salary above $72,366 and below $103,413 who enroll in PEP for 2023 will forfeit either two days or four days of annual leave in return for a credit of up to $600 or $1,200 that will be used to reduce the employee share of NYSHIP premiums deducted from paychecks in 2023.

Benefits-eligible part-time employees with annualized salaries within the above ranges, who earn vacation and who choose to enroll in PEP will forfeit prorated days of annual leave and receive a prorated credit toward their health insurance premiums based on their payroll percentage.

An email was sent to all employees by Laura Decker on Oct. 28, with ESC-specific information on PEP. Please also see the announcements on the HR website in MyESC for more details and the correct form to submit.