General Professional Development

UUP/IDA Awards 2023-2024

New York State/United University Professions Joint Labor-Management Committee Individual Development Awards (IDA)

IDA awards are one way in which full or part-time employees can support their professional development/activities. Any member of the bargaining unit (faculty and professional employees) can apply.

As per the guidelines provided by the UUP IDA Joint Labor-Management Committee website, proposed projects/activities, which support professional development, can include:

  • Basic, applied, or historical research
  • Curriculum or instructional material development
  • Workshop, seminar internship or course work not covered by the Tuition Assistance program or SUNY tuition waiver
  • Conference participation or attendance
  • Preparation of material for publication
  • Grant Proposal development
  • Artistic or creative endeavors
  • Other work-related professional/scholarly development projects or activities

Members of the chapter can apply for up to $2000/academic year for up to two projects.

The exact dollar amount awarded will be determined based on the number of applications received. Please make sure that your application includes a detailed budget to be considered.

IDA Program Guidelines for 2023-2024

IDA Program Application for 2023-2024

Submit your application to

Activities will be reviewed in two cycles:

  • Cycle #1: Activities between July 2, 2023 and December 31 2023. Applications due on January 31, 2024
  • Cycle #2: Activities between January 1, 2024 and July 1, 2024. Applications due on April 30, 2024
Advocacy and Action

Vote “Yes” on Proposition 1

Proposition 1 is a proposed change to the state’s constitution that would correct a decades-old unjust flaw in our laws and FINALLY give small city school districts across New York state the same opportunities as their rural and suburban counterparts.

Right now, the more than 200,000 students that attend schools in small city districts — six in ten of whom are considered economically disadvantaged — can’t benefit from the borrowing power available to rural and suburban districts. This means fewer new schools or facilities, fewer repairs and improvements, and fewer opportunities. A YES vote on Proposition 1 rights this wrong, promotes fairness, supports students & families, and lifts up communitie

Current law hurts students that are most in need across the state. NYSUT strongly believes we can do better, and we strongly support voting YES on Proposition 1.