Stress overload? Your EAP can help!


Stress is one of the main reasons our members turn to ESI EAP for coaching and counseling. Let’s face it – we’re all living through stressful times!

Short episodes of stress in difficult situations are normal but stress overload can be detrimental to our health.

Stress is linked to diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, and other medical conditions.

But remember: Your EAP is here for you!

If things seem to be too much for you or a family member, ESI EAP offers a variety of stress management resources to our members, including:  

  • 24-7-365 in-the-moment support from experienced Counselors via our helpline: 1-800-252-4555
  • Telephonic one-to-one coaching programs in Stress Management & Resilience
  • Resources at 
  • Stress Management & Resilience Trainings
  • Financial coaching and help for managing debt related stress

To access a Counselor or a Stress Coach, simply call 1-800-252-4555.

To access online support resources, simply login at

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