• General Membership Application – – Online application for regular membership to UUP. The deduction for dues (2019-2020) for membership is .9 percent of the adjusted bi-weekly gross annual salary if the base salary is $31,177 or less. The deduction is 1.0 percent for those with an adjusted bi-weekly base salary of $31,778 or higher.
  • Maintenance of Membership Application – Contingent Academics or Contingent Professionals who are temporarily off payroll due to breaks in service may bridge their UUP membership during the membership year.
  • Leave Without Pay Application – If you are going on employer approved leave without pay, you may continue your membership.


  • Sustaining Membership Application – Is open to those who have been retrenched or non-renewed or to any person who has been involuntarily terminated and has litigation, grievance, or other, similar proceedings in progress.


  • Retired Membership Application – UUP members who have five years of continuous UUP membership immediately prior to retirement, or who have continuous membership for the length of their employment prior to retirement if less than five years, may apply for Retired Membership. For more information on Retired Membership click HERE