Message from UUP President Kowal

UUP Members,

To prepare for discussions with the state UUP seeks input from Academics and Professionals on SUNY’s new initiative to expand online education. Our objective is to accurately represent concerns about the impacts of online education on terms and conditions of employment, including workload, compensation, intellectual property protection, the need for resources and support systems, involvement of private companies, etc. Please direct colleagues to the following link, which provides background information and access to a new web portal members can use to submit comments and suggestions.

UUP will discuss online education with SUNY and the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations pursuant to Appendix A-13 in our 2016-22 contract, which states the following: “As soon as practicable after a fully executed agreement, appropriate GOER, SUNY, and UUP designees shall meet to discuss and review issues of mutual concern related to the impact of online education initiatives on bargaining unit employees.”

In Solidarity,

Frederick E. Kowal