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Webinar for Librarians and Library Professionals

Colleagues, Please see the following from your statewide Secretary/Treasurer Jeri O’Brien-Losee regarding a statewide UUP webinar for Librarians and Library Professionals​: Dear Librarians and Library Professionals, UUP invites you to attend a webinar to discuss campus library issues pertaining to campus reopening in the COVID-19 context. The webinar will take place on Monday, July 13 from 11:30 […]

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July 1/Sept. 1 2% Increases

Colleagues, We just received the following information from statewide President, Fred Kowal: Dear Colleagues, We received notification from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations this afternoon that the state is delaying implementation of the 2% across the board salary increases that are due to our members  on July 1 or Sept 1 (depending on obligation).  […]

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Sign UUP’s Petition Calling for SUNY to Convene a Virtual Public Hearing

Colleagues, As UUP continues to push for a reopening of campuses that is as safe as possible for all in our campus communities, it has become clear that SUNY needs to hear from all of us. Our voices and concerns must be heard by the leaders of the system, and we must be partners to […]

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UUP Press Release – More testing needed to reopen SUNY campuses

Colleagues, Please see the following Press Release from our Statewide President Fred Kowal. On this particular release, UUP tried to emphasise the lack of leadership from SUNY Administration. UUP prefers that the Governor be more direct in order SUNY to lead, and not prefer to have the Governor controlling SUNY that directly. Leadership must come […]

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Telecommuting Agreement Extension

Dear Colleagues, An agreement with the State to extend the Telecommuting Agreement through October 2, 2020.  UUP has updated the COVID 19 Q&A to reflect this and other developments since the last update. That updated Q&A can be found on the UUP COVID 19 Resources web page: In Solidarity, Ken Kern President, Buffalo Center Chapter […]

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UUP – Fighting Racial Injustice

Dear Colleagues, This is a painful time for our country again as we grapple with the virulent and continuing threat of racism, as well as the violence that often mars legitimate mass public protest. Please see the following from our Statewide UUP President, Mr. Fred Kowal. In solidarity,Ken Kern Chapter PresidentUUP Buffalo Center Letter from […]

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UUP Reopening Principles

Dear Colleagues, Attached is a copy of the letter and accompanying document that was sent by UUP to SUNY Chancellor Johnson and SUNY Board of Trustees Chairman Tisch this past Friday. The letter and attachment outline what UUP believes to be the core of any planned reopening of SUNY institutions in the Fall semester.  In Solidarity, […]

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Updates from Governor’s Office of Employee Relations

Dear UUP represented employees, There are a few items I wanted to make you aware of, please share widely. TELEMEDICINE UPDATE Effective May 16, 2020 Empire Plan enrollees who use LiveHealth Online, our telemedicine program, will no longer need to enter the coupon code. Instead, when scheduling a visit, they will need to enter their […]

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Holiday Leave

Dear Colleagues, Please see the following from UUP Statewide President, Mr. Fred Kowal, regarding a recent agreement between UUP and the State extending the 2019 Memorial Day and Independence Day Holiday Comp Time extension until December 31st, 2020. In Solidarity,Ken KernChapter President Holiday Leave Memo of Agreement Dear Colleagues, As we continue to deal with […]

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New Executive Order: Extension of Non-Essential Employees

Colleagues, Late yesterday, the Governor extended his order that non-essential employees work from home through May 28th.  The new order does modify his earlier order to permit public employers to reopen those activities that are consistent with the reopening phase in their region. What this means is that nearly all of our bargaining unit members […]