Retention Bonuses for Health Care Workers

We have just gotten word that the Division of Budget has released Budget Bulletin D-1200,  Budget Bulletin D-1200 (, which contains directions to state agencies concerning  how the health care retention bonuses will be paid to state employees. This covers SUNY employees who are performing qualifying service, in qualifying titles, who will be eligible for these bonuses. We are presently studying the documents to get as clear a picture as possible as to who is included. 

Having said that, those working in qualifying service in qualifying titles at the SUNY hospitals, at the UB dental school, at Optometry, and in student health clinics at all SUNY campuses will be eligible.  Individual employees will not be required to apply for or submit any individual documentation to qualify, SUNY management will be responsible for identifying all employees who qualify.  

This is a big win for our members and is the result of lots of hard work in advocacy with the governor’s office. Stay tuned for more information.