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Take Action NOW to Support Part Time Members!

Our chapter is organizing for improved conditions for our part time members. A huge amount of teaching at this college is conducted by adjuncts, and we have a large number of faculty and professionals on part time lines.  They are our most vulnerable members. We will be developing demands from the administration that they stop the exploitation of contingent labor, and treat these employees with the respect that they deserve.  Stand up for our fellow UUP members and help make a better workplace for them a reality!

To start, we are demanding that the administration eliminate the use of temporary appointments.  The SUNY Board of Trustees is clear on the appropriateness of its use.  If you do not know, a temp appointment offers no job security at all. Members can be told today is their last day. With a term appointment, a part time member will receive at least a 45-day notice of non-renewal of their contract.  Even that is ridiculously low, so it’s the least the administration can do for a large set of their employees.   Don’t you agree?

We have drafted a petition to present at next month’s LM Meeting.  We need hundreds of signatures—so please sign NOW:

Sign the Petition to End the Use of Temporary Appointments:

Thank you and in solidarity,

Pamela Malone, UUP Empire State College Chapter President