Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Webinar

Global Cultural Diversity & Inclusion: Communicating Effectively in a World of Difference

NYS/UUP JLMC is hosting a Global Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Workshop on Friday, March 25th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm virtually via Zoom. The application deadline is Monday, March 14.

Workshop Description In this survey-level workshop, participants will develop a practical understanding of the complexity of effective communication in organizational settings where they need to work every day with colleagues, students, and other stakeholders who are culturally diverse and come from various international backgrounds and all walks of life. Participants will learn about the differences and similarities in key national cultural systems represented in our increasingly global workplace. They will acquire skills in effective communication including attentive listening, effective messaging, empathy, and ways to identify the meaning and intention of verbal and non-verbal communication with the purpose of creating a meaningful sense of inclusion in the workplace. The participants will engage in several interactive critical incident analysis sessions in which they can explore and evaluate their own communication styles and take appropriate action for a meaningful intervention. They will also work on an action plan for ongoing refinement of their global communication skills and for sustaining an inclusive productive relationship with key stakeholders.

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