election results

2017-2019 SB HSC Chapter UUP  Election Results  have been posted.

 Office                                 Election result



Secretary  elect

Treasurer elect

Officer for Contingents

Officer for Retirees elect 


Bruce Kube


Maria (Tina) Manning

Christopher King


Irene Stern 

*** indicates NO ONE ELECTED

For officers to be elected, the candidate must receive 50% of the votes cast for that position.

A RUNOFF will be conducted to determine 3 unfilled officer positions:

              PresidentVice President for Academics and Officer for Contingent

RUNOFF BALLOTS will be mailed to your home starting               April 27, 2017.

RUNOFF BALLOTS must be returned to UUP in Albany by COB  May 17, 2017.                 

To view complete SB HSC CHAPTER results  CLICK HERE

The term of all newly elected officers and delegates will begin June 1, 2017

If you have questions about the election contact Eileen Landy, UUP Statewide Secretary.


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