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Science and research
SCIENCE AND RESEARCH AWARENESS SERIES (SARAS)The Department of Anesthesiology will be organizing the 14th annual SARAS At Stony Brook Medical Center program.
This is a 3 week program, July 9 to 27, 2018 that consists of discussions, brain storm sessions, lectures, experts’ views, video workshops and hands on workshops. Your UUP colleagues are responsible for this wonderful program. Registration now opened to high school students. Acceptance is on a first come first serve basis. For more information about the program CLICK HERE


The Coalition of Active Retired Members (COARM) LI Regional Meeting.

Are you a retired UUP member? Consider attending The next LI Regional COARM Meeting. CLICK HERE for information


uup chapter
The Chapter Action Project (CAP) program is a three-year union initiative funded by NYSUT and developed by UUP to assist in building a chapter-based structure to recruit and engage new union members and activists.  CLICK HERE for  information


Chapter Bylaws

The Bylaws Committee will continue their work. Our chapter bylaws need to be updated to be in line with the UUP statewide constitution. CLICK HERE for  information