election results

To view 2017-2019 SB HSC CHAPTER Election results  CLICK HERE .  For chapter officers to be elected, the candidate must receive 50% of the votes cast for that position. This criteria was not met for 3 officer positions so a RUNOFF ELECTION was conducted to fill officer positions:  PresidentVice President for Academics and Officer for Contingent. To view the  RUNOFF Election results  CLICK HERE

Our 2017-2019 SB HSC Chapter  officers are  as follows:

 Office              Election result


VPP elect

VPA elect

Secretary  elect

Treasurer elect

Contingents Officer elect

Officer for Retirees elect 

Carolyn Kube

Bruce Kube

Carlos Vidal

Maria (Tina) Manning

Christopher King

Nancy Balkon

Irene Stern 

The term of all newly elected officers and delegates will begin June 1, 2017.                                                  If you have questions about the election contact our UUP Statewide Secretary/Treasurer.

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For election news and candidate statements
see the special election edition of our chapter newsletter, Bridges. A hardcopy of Bridges will be distributed to your campus address of record and to view Bridges online CLICK HERE