The 2011-2016 Agreement between the State of New York and United University
Professions expired July 1, 2016. To see the list of our Negotiation TEAM members CLICK HERE.

Members of the Negotiations TEAM are working diligently to reach an agreement with NYS/SUNY. As public sector workers in NYS/SUNY we are covered by the Triborough Amendment of the Taylor Law. The Taylor Law requires that both the employer and the employee representatives negotiate in good faith. The Triborough Amendment prohibits an employer from unilaterally altering an existing agreement while negotiating a new one. It protects the public by prohibiting public employee from striking and therefore withdrawing their public services. The over-arching goal of the Triborough Amendment is to maintain the status quo until a new collective bargaining agreement is achieved.
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The 2011-2016 UUP/NYS Collective Bargaining Agreement is available online. To reference the contract CLICK HERE

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Delta Dental
Enhanced NEW DHMO Delta Dental Option
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davis vision
Enhanced DAVIS VISION BENEFIT is available.
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For more information on these or any benefit, call the UUP Benefit Trust Fund at 1 800-UUP-FUND
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