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ClareRose Strike   20170501Clare Rose Strike
Not long after they went on strike, Teamsters Local 812 workers at beer distributor Clare Rose got letters from their Long Island employer telling them they were going to be permanently replaced. More than 100 Budweiser delivery truck drivers walked off the job April 24 to protest Clare Rose’s proposed pension and wage cuts.

The Stony Brook HSC Chapter of UUP stands with International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 812 who have been targeted by the corporate greed of  Clare Rose.  We let Clare Rose know that union busting is disgusting by joining Local 812 picketers outside the Yaphank and Melville Clare Rose facilities.

UUP supported members of IUE CWA Locals 359 and 380 who were on strike since November 2, 2016. Their employer Momentive Performance Materials (MPM) of Waterford, NY has replaced their union workers with unskilled scabs.  For more information CLICK HERE and HERE The new contract for union members of IUE CWA Locals 359 and 380 and  Momentive Performance Materials was ratifiedJune 28, 2017  by a close margin.


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Member Action Center (MAC ) is available to all UUP members along with the use of the web portal to send emails and electronic letters to state officials advocating for our initiatives. Delegates can also sign up for NYSUT email blasts by texting 38470 with the message NYSUT.
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As a member of UUP you are also a member of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) with all the rights and benefits of membership.
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UUP is a very strong local within NYSUT and as such will send your elected NYSUT representatives to this convention to participate in the business of this union and to insure that higher education and health care are issues represented.

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LEAD Institute The Leadership Education Action Development Institute (LEAD) is offering a new series of online workshops for UUP leaders, prospective leaders and members interested in getting more involved with the union. The 60-minute workshops, developed by NYSUT, are set to debut in February. They are free and available 24 hours a day. To register CLICK HERE
Some of the themes to be covered in the online courses are contract enforcement, member engagement, and professional and union leadership development. For more information and to view the course offerings, CLICK HERE

As a member of UUP you are also a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) with all the rights and benefits of membership. For a summary of AFT benefits CLICK HERE

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New NYSUT Membership Cards will be mailed soon.
As a member of UUP you are also a member of NYSUT. You will receive your new NYSUT membership card by mail at your home address shortly. These valuable cards come with a new feature this year: a miniature version for a key ring that lets members conveniently access benefits and discounts, as well as streamlined check in to local and statewide union events.
Be on the lookout for your new card. You will also receive material outlining the details of the growing array of NYSUT Member Benefits along with a brief guide to “what membership means to you”.

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