Chapter Leadership


Pamela Malone,
Anastasia Pratt, Vice President for
Kelly Mollica, Vice President for
Sophia Mavrogiannis, Secretary
Janet Aiello-Cerio,
Malongze Foma, Officer for Contingents and
Tony Costa, Grievance
Brenda Henry-Offer, Officer for

Membership and Advocacy

Emma Bowman, Chapter Membership Representative
Jeanine Jones, Chapter Membership

Regional Representatives

Regional Member Representatives are voting members of the Chapter Executive Board and “…serve their [regions] by assisting in the recruiting of members; assisting in the dispersal of information; mobilizing the membership for action when necessary; and advising the Executive Board on the needs of the membership.” The RMR’s will utilize building representatives to accomplish their work. Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as voting members of the Chapter Executive Board and as members of the Chapter Membership Committee chaired by the Chapter Membership Representative
  • Recruit activists
  • Assist in disseminating information to the membership
  • Engage members regionally by working with building reps
  • Hold membership meetings in person, Skype, or both
  • Attend monthly Chapter EB conference calls and bring information to/from the membership
  • Attend in-person Chapter EB meetings 1-3 times per year
RegionRegional Member Representative
Western/Central Rep 1David Puskas
Western/Central Rep 2Jane Cudmore
Saratoga Region Rep 1Vacant–contact the chapter if you can serve!
Saratoga Region Rep 2Anita Lindemann
Downstate Region Rep 1Mary Helen Kolisnyk
Downstate Region Rep 2Malongze Foma
At a Distance Region Rep 1Daniel McCrea
At a Distance Region Rep 2Donna Carey
Faculty at Large 1Vacant–contact the chapter if you can serve!
Faculty at Large 2Vacant–contact the chapter if you can serve!
Professional at Large 1Mary Austin
Professional at Large 2Ashley Mason

Building Representatives

Building/Local Member Representatives serve as a local union representative to the members at their worksite. The Regional Representatives as well as chapter officers and the chapter Executive Board will solicit volunteers for appointment, which shall be by the Chapter President. Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as a local chapter representative to the members and connect members to appropriate resources
  • Welcome new members in their building
  • Assist in keeping member lists and member “maps” up to date
  • Help in membership drives and other campaigns
  • Bring member issues forward to Regional Member Reps, Chapter Officers, or both
  • Hold short “check in” membership meetings at their location
  • Monitor local chapter bulletin boards
Western/Central Region
LocationLocal Membership Representative
CheektowagaJane Cudmore
CorningVacant–contact the chapter if you can serve!
SyracuseVacant–contact the chapter if you can serve!
 Ft. Drum     Maureen Kravec
RochesterKevin Bane
Saratoga Region
LocationLocal Membership Representative
28 UnionKelly Mollica
1 UnionVacant–contact the chapter if you can serve!
2 Union    John Meaney
3 UnionKathy Farrell
111 WestEmma Bowman
113 WestMichael DiNicola
Downstate Region
LocationLocal Membership Representative
BrooklynJeanine Jones
HartsdaleLeslie Ellis
Manhattan – 4 ParkJeffrey Schuhrke,
Sophia Mavrogiannis
NewburghMartin Knowles
SeldenVacant–contact the chapter if you can serve!
Staten IslandElectra Weeks


(We are allowed 4 professional and 10 academic delegates to the UUP Delegate Assemblies)

Professional Delegates

  • Emma Bowman
  • John Meaney
  • Donna Carey
  • Malongze Foma
  • Jeanine Jones
  • Anita Lindemann
  • Shaun Richman

Academic Delegates

  • Jacqualine Berger
  • Martin Stahl
  • Jeffrey Schuhrke
  • Richard Wells
  • Elaine Kitt
  • Dianne Ramdeholl
  • Mary Helen Kolisnyk