Buffalo Center News Membership

Congratulations on UUP Buffalo Center Membership Blitz!

Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased to announce and congratulate the work of our Buffalo Center Chapter’s efforts on this past week’s Membership Blitz.

Under the direction of your UUP organizer, Danielle Judge, and your Chapter’s Membership Development Officer Domenic Licata, 55 consultations were held resulting in 24 new Members signing up with the Chapter!

I want to extend a special acknowledgment to those who have played instrumental roles in this success: Kathryn Griswold, Walt Hakala, Janiece Jankowski, Vivian Jimenez, Holly Justice, Kat Kieler, Louise Lalli, Laurie Bragg, Wei Loon Leong, Sue Mann Dolce, Melissa McCarron, Don Erb, Olga Crombie, Lisa Monpere-Cruz, Rhonda Pangrazio, Kevin Ragland, Elisabeth Rebmann, Andrew Sachs, Mary Jo Sicurella, Brett Sitzman, Abigail Cooke, James Faran, Gary Boulware, Mike Stoklosa, Melissa Wood, Mike Yates, Katherine Zubovich, Sabanayagam Thevanayagam, Janet Schrum…your dedication, and efforts during this 3 day event have been invaluable. Your hard work has contributed significantly to our Chapter’s growth and vitality.

As we celebrate this achievement it’s important to reflect on the challenges facing public sector unions like ours, particularly in light of the Supreme Court’s Janus decision. This ruling has had a negative impact on public sector unions by eliminating fair-share fees for non-members, thereby reducing the financial resources available for collective bargaining and advocacy efforts. Proponents of Janus hoped it would lead to decreased union membership and influence, posing challenges to our ability to effectively represent the interests of all employees.

Despite these challenges, our increased membership demonstrates our resilience and determination to overcome obstacles together. Let us continue to stand united in advocating for fair treatment, better working conditions, and a brighter future for all members.

Congratulations once again on this significant achievement, and a huge thanks to all of you for contributing to our Chapter’s growth and success.

In Solidarity,

Ken Kern
Chapter President
UUP Buffalo Center