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Vacant Officer Positions

Dear Colleagues,

In follow up the recent UUP Buffalo Center Chapter elections, the Chapter is in need of individuals interested to fill the positions of the Chapter’s Vice President for Academics, and Officer for Contingents.

Members are asked to review the positions descriptions below, and consider becoming a Chapter Officer for one of these two vacant positions.  Please contact me,, if you are interested, wish to learn more about a position, or have any further questions.

Vice President for Academics
(time commitment = 10 hours per week)

5.2.2 The Vice Presidents shall be delegates to the Delegate Assembly; shall have as their primary duties the representation of the members of the categories they represent and shall be responsible for organizing a Department Representative Structure. In addition, they shall perform other responsibilities and duties assigned by the Chapter President and/or the Chapter Board. In the event the Chapter President is absent or disabled, the Vice President from the alternate membership category shall automatically assume the duties of the presidency until such time as the Chapter Board meets and appoints an Acting Chapter President or until a special election is held.

Section 8.1 – Definition: The Vice Presidents shall develop and coordinate a Department Representative Structure that assures every member is represented.

  • Facilitates over Department Rep Meetings (recommended twice per semester).
  • Required to attend Statewide VPA meetings (usually monthly).
  • Attend Officer Meetings (recommended bi-weekly).
  • Attend Board Meetings (recommended monthly).
  • Attend Membership meetings (recommended 1 per semester).
  • Attend Chapter Workshops (recommended up to 3 per semester).
  • Attend Labor Management Meetings, developing agendas, and follow ups. (required 1 per semester, recommended monthly).
  • Attend Delegate Assembly’s, (includes virtual and in person travel).
  • Works closely with the Membership Development and Contingents Officer on membership recruitment and engagement
  • Works closely with Grievance Officers and Labor Relations Specialist on member concerns
  • Serves as a liaison to at least one committee and the Board.
  • Active participation at the statewide level.

Officer for Contingents (includes Contingent Standing Committee)

5.2.6 The Officer for Contingents shall be responsible for monitoring the concerns of Contingent members, shall report to the Chapter, the Chapter Board, and the Chapter President, as appropriate, and shall make recommendations to the Chapter Board.

  • Responsible for the Contingent Concerns Committee (Standing Committee).
  • Works closely with the Membership Development and Vice Presidents on membership recruitment and engagement.
  • Works closely with Grievance Officers and Labor Relations Specialist on member concerns.

In Solidarity,

Ken Kern
Chapter President
UUP Buffalo Center