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Buffalo Center Chapter Election Results

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations to the following members who were recently elected into positions to the UUP Buffalo Center Chapter for the upcoming 2 year term:

President: Ken Kern
Vice-President for Academics: Matthew Dimick
Vice-President for Professionals: Kathleen Kielar
Secretary: Janiece Jankowski
Treasurer: TBD
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer: Tricia Canty
Officer for Retirees: Russell Crispell

Elected to the Buffalo Center Chapter Board and Chapter Delegate Positions:

Academic Representatives

Ezra Zubrow
Margarita Vargas
Carine Mardorossian
Ruth Meyerowitz
Paul Zarembka
Marion Werner
Shirley Bennett
Abigail Cooke
Kenneth Norman

Professional Representatives

Timothy Tryjankowski
Kathleen Kielar
Kenneth Kern
Domenic Licata
Don Erb
Thomas Tucker
Janice Jankowski
Stacey Johnson
Katherine Aiken
Tricia Canty
Kevin Ragland
Lisa Monpere-Cruz
Maria Frisina
Michael Stoklosa
James Mauck
Roosevelt Wardlaw
Olga Crombie
Michael Formato
Joe Muscarella

Full results from the election can be found at:

In Solidarity,
UUP Buffalo Center Chapter