2021 Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAA) Updates

Please see the following from statewide President, Mr. Fred Kowal:

Dear Colleagues, 

We have received word from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations that the State has again modified the NYS Dependent Care Advantage Account to expand DCAA benefits and eligibility as permitted under recent federal law changes included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 and the American Rescue Act of 2021.  These are modifications that UUP and other state employee unions pressed for in meetings with GOER representatives and we are pleased that the State has agreed to implement them.  The new changes are as follows:

  • The maximum annual contribution levels have been increased from $2,500 to $5,250 for single or married filing separately and from $5,000 to $10,500 for married filing jointly or head of household, and,
  • Employees are now able to change their DCAA election amount mid-year without a qualifying change in status event reason.  This will allow employees to enroll, change, re-start, or terminate a DCAAccount mid-year throughout 2021. Changes will not be retroactive; they will be applied to the next available payroll processing date following the change in enrollment.

Employees who are currently enrolled in DCAA have already been notified of these changes directly by WageWorks/Health Equity.  A notice is also posted on the GOER webpage Flex Spending Account | Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (  Employees who are interested may also email or call WageWorks/Health Equity at 1-800-358-7202 with any questions on the DCAA or these new changes.

Members who are not currently enrolled in DCAA, and did not receive a notice from Wage Works, may be interested in enrolling in DCAA for the balance of the year.  

In Solidarity,