DCAA & NYS-RIDE Adjustments for COVID-19 situation

Dear Colleagues,

Hello all.  We’ve received many questions from colleagues about stopping deductions from their paychecks for the Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAA) and NYS-Ride. Here’s information we received from the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations:

Dependent Care Advantage Account

Employees can stop their DCAA deductions or change their election amounts if they experience an eligible change in status. Due to the current situation most employees find that a resulting change in care provider and/or change in work schedule (for the employee or their spouse) are events that will allow them to stop or reduce their deductions. There are several reasons listed on the DCAA website, that can help employees make changes to their DCAA. Employees can submit their change online or over the phone, 800-358-7202.

There is no limit on the number of changes the employee can submit during the year. They may stop now, and re-enroll over the summer or next fall with the occurrence of another change in status event, until November 1. Since we only take 24 payroll deductions after November 1 we cannot make changes to the remaining pay period.

Reducing or stopping DCAA payroll contributions does not impact an existing DCAA balance. Any money contributed (including the employer contribution) to DCAAs remains in the accounts for employees to use for the plan year. If an employee enrolled during open enrollment, anything in their DCAA remains in the account for them to use for any daycare expenses from 1/1/2020 -12/31/2020. If they enrolled following a change in status, account funds may be accessed beginning with their start date through 12/31/2020.

This program allows flexibility to change your enrollment as your needs change. Information is available on their website:

At this time we are not able to offer refunds for March NYS-Ride orders. WageWorks and transit authorities are working on solutions for future benefit months. If employees have specific situations or questions about NYS-Ride have them e-mail and we will get the right person at WageWorks to assist them.

In Solidarity,

Ken Kern
Chapter President
UUP Buffalo Center

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