Issue with Turbo Tax and Deducting Union Dues

Dear Colleagues,

Recently one of our members has notified us that there is a problem with TurboTax properly deducting your union dues when you itemize your taxes.  NYS form IT-196 line 44 is where you should see your union dues. If that number is a zero, that is a good indicator your union dues were not being deducted.  (Although depending on other adjustments, it is possible for that number not to be a zero and still have your union dues not being deducted.)  TurboTax is going to submit this issue as a bug fix and said they would eventually send out an email to anyone affected.  If you look at the instructions for the form ( ) on page 19, they give the instructions for line 44 and adjustment K (union dues).

UUP is not in the business of giving tax advice, but for those of you who use this popular program, we thought the information would be helpful in completing your taxes.   Thank you to our members for supporting each other and sharing this information!

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