UUP Buffalo Center – Committee Call Out

Dear UUP Members,

We are in need of your help to serve on our UUP committees.   Your union can only be as strong as its members’ participation and we are in need of it!

Below are “top priority” committees where we need your help.

If you are interested in serving on a Committee, please go to: to indicate what committee(s) you are interested in and someone will be contacting you by the end of the month.   Thank you ahead of time for your interest and willingness to give of your time and efforts.

Priority Committee Participation:

  • Elections Committee:  We are looking specifically for technology oriented people who can assist with running electronic elections using the Condorcet Internet Voting Service (  Instructions on how to use the system are developed.
  • New Employee Orientation:  We are looking for individuals who would be comfortable offering new employee orientations over the noon lunch hour.   The orientation materials have already been developed and we are willing to train people.  Further, should we receive enough interest, we are also looking for individuals to contact new employees to follow up on orientation/membership to the union.
  • Political Action/Outreach/VOTE Cope Committee:  Individuals who are interested in working with regional political campaigns, help register voters, encourage members of the university community to get out and vote, and help coordinate events for members to attend are asked to assist with this committee.   Please keep in mind the importance of this committee as it relates to how funds are distributed to SUNY and the University at Buffalo and the overall legislation that effects higher education in New York State.
  • Communications Committee:   We are seeking talented individuals who can assist with creating a strategic communications strategy for our chapter that can help link our work, our communications, and our events together that inform and educate our members using a variety of technology (e.g. CRM, Web, email, etc.).  Also, we have a newsletter
  • Department Representatives:  Department Representatives meet twice a semester for 2 hours usually starting at lunch hour.   UUP Officers will update Department Representatives of union initiatives and issues that are present across the state, as well as at the University at Buffalo.  The idea is that the Department Representative will take back valuable information to their own departments and distribute it among union members within the department.   High priority departments we still need representatives from include Accounting, Architecture, Biological Sciences, Engineering, English, Enterprise Application Services, Geography, Intercollegiate Athletics, IT Customer Service, Music, and Res Life Admin.    If you are in any of these departments, please consider spending some time with us.  We would love to see you!!!
  • Ambassador Program:  Ambassadors are very similar to Department Representatives and we have a lot of overlap of individuals who are Ambassadors, as well as Department Representatives.   Our Ambassadors have to go beyond the Department Representative Role of providing information to our members, but instead go out and get information from members such as updating member address information, seeking to renew memberships, and asking opinions on critical issues that affect unions today.   This is a critical role for the union to receive information from our members that it ordinarily would not be able to get.  Ambassadors are the personal touch that helps the union try to keep up with and stay ahead of members concerns and issues.

Additional Committees to be Involved With:

The following committees are also welcoming new assistance.

  • EOC/EOP Committee:  This committee deals with the concerns of the Educational Opportunity Center and the Educational Opportunity Program. If you feel you would like to participate on this committee, please let us know.
  • Women’s Rights and Concerns:  Traditionally this committee has dealt with women’s concerns of salary equity, fair workplace issues, and overall treatment.
  • Veterans:   Veterans play an important role in our country by protecting our freedoms.  This committee deals with identifying our veteran members, addressing their concerns, and ensuring that veterans are represented well within the union.
  • Safety & Health:  This committee was put in place to address safety and health issues across the campus. Thank you on behalf of the UUP Officers and Committee Chairs for your willingness to give of your time and talents.

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