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Changes in New York State Election Law and Impact on UUP Members

This past session, Governor Cuomo and the NY State Legislature amended NY State Election Law increasing the amount of time employees can take off from work to vote to three (3) hours of paid time off on the day of an election to vote. Read more.

Part-time/Full-time Contingent Employees: Know Your Contract Rights and Benefits

The attached four-page handout has been updated to include additional eligibility information under Article 39: Health Insurance (page 3).

Click here to view.

New Contract Provisions take effect July 1, 2019

The contract provisions that are taking effect during the month of July for eligible employees can be accessed here.

Fredonia Election Results – Updated!!

Update – The results of the Fredonia Chapter Election Run-Off are here.

Fredonia Chapter Election results are here.

Family Leave and Work-Life Services Guide

The new UUP Family Leave and Work-Life Services Guide is now available.

UUP’s 2016-22 contract with NYS contains new family leave provisions.

The Guide is available here.

2019 Fredonia Chapter Elections Candidate Statements

Candidate Statements are Available Here:

President and Delegate:

Ziya Arnavut

Darrin Rogers

Christopher Taverna


Vice President for Academics and Delegate:

Darrin Rogers

Cynthia Smith


Vice President for Professionals and Delegate:

Melissa (Sidor) Hooper


Grievance Chair Academic:

Reneta Barneva


Grievance Chair Professional:

Janet Mayer


Officer for Retirees:

Joy Bilharz



Fredonia Sick Leave Bank

UUP, in partnership with the Payroll Services Office and Human Resources and other local bargaining unit representatives, is pleased to promote the Fredonia Sick Leave Bank for all Fredonia employees (Management/Confidential, UUP, CSEA, NYSPBA and PEF).

The Fredonia Sick Leave Bank will allow an employee who is out of sick leave accruals for their own personal illness, to receive up to five (5) extra sick days from the Sick Leave Bank. These accruals can be used as either whole or half days in order to help remain in paid status during the  time of absence.

Any Fredonia employee who accrues vacation days may donate to the Sick Leave Bank, including any vacation days over the 40 day maximum that may otherwise be lost (as of January 1st each year for UUP and M/C, or April 1st   for CSEA, PEF and NYSPBA).  Donations to the Sick Leave Bank can be made at any time throughout the year.

The Leave Donation Form to the Sick Leave Bank is available from this link.
If you have any questions regarding donating to the Sick Leave Bank, please contact the Payroll Services Office at x3775, or UUP office x3595, or email Susan Cortes at, or UUP office

URGENT- Protect your Course Materials

Private companies selling faculty course materials.

Has your intellectual property been posted and sold without your permission?

Protect Your Intellectual Property


Professional Development / Grant Opportunities

Programs to Assist Members with Education, Professional Development and Training are available!  Click here to learn more

Tribute to the late Mac Nelson

Mac was a strong union advocate and key organizer of our Fredonia Chapter UUP.  He served as Chapter President for many years, as well as a local delegate representing Fredonia at statewide delegate assemblies.  He was also a long-time member of the Dunkirk area AFL-CIO.

Tribute        Obituary