Executive Board

Executive Board Members (Officers and Delegates)

Fredonia Chapter Officers

Christopher Taverna, Applications Trainer, Information Technology Services
E206 Thompson Hall
Office:  716-673-3340
Email:  Christopher.Taverna@fredonia.edu

Vice President for Professionals:
Janet Mayer, Director of Contracts, Information Technology Services
119A Maytum Hall
Office: 716-673-4828
Email: Janet.Mayer@fredonia.edu

Vice President for Academics:
Ziya Arnavut, Ph.D., Professor, Computer and Information Sciences
220 Houghton Hall
Office:  716-673-3864
Email: Ziya.Arnavut@fredonia.edu


Paul Starcher, M.S., Graduate Admissions Counselor, Office of Admissions
603 Maytum Hall
Office: 716-673-3803                                                                    Email: Paul.Starcher@fredonia.edu

Derrik DeckerTreasurer:
Derrik Decker, Adjunct Professor, Computer and Information Sciences
232 Houghton Hall
Office:  716-673-4757
Email:  Derrik.Decker@fredonia.edu

Huang_LeiDiversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer:
Lei Huang, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Business
E358 Thompson Hall
Office:  716-673-4671
Email: Lei.Huang@fredonia.edu

Grievance Chair (Academics):Reneta Barneva
Reneta Barneva, Chair & Professor, Applied Professional Studies
E336 Thompson Hall
Office: 716-673-4750
Email: Reneta.Barneva@fredonia.edu

Grievance Chair (Professionals):
Jefferson Westwood, Director, Rockefeller Arts Center
G23 Rockefeller Arts Center
Office: 716-673-3217
Email: Jefferson.Westwood@fredonia.edu


Membership Development Officer:
Daniel M. Smith, Senior Counselor, Educational Development Program
E290 Thompson Hall
Office: 716-673-3317
Email: Daniel.Smith@fredonia.edu

Officer for Contingents:
Anne Fearman, Adjunct Lecturer, English Department
255 Fenton Hall
Email:  Anne.Fearman@fredonia.edu


Dr. Joy Bilharz picOfficer for Retirees: 
Joy Bilharz, Ph.D., Retired Professor, Anthropology
Email: jabilharz@gmail.com



Amenities Officer: 
Gregory Cole, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Computer and Information Sciences
230 Houghton Hall
Office: 716-673-3127
Email: Gregory.Cole@fredonia.edu

Fredonia Chapter Delegates


  • Bruce Simon, Bruce.Simon@fredonia.edu
  • Thomas Morrissey, Thomas.Morrissey@fredonia.edu
  • Anne Fearman, Anne.Fearman@fredonia.edu
  • Reneta Barneva, Reneta.Barneva@fredonia.edu
  • Iclal Vanwesenbeeck, Iclal.Vanwesenbeeck@fredonia.edu
  • Meral Arnavut, Meral.Arnavut@fredonia.edu
  • Ziya Arnavut, Ziya.Arnavut@fredonia.edu
  • Derrik Decker, Derrik.Decker@fredonia.edu
  • Lei Huang, Lei.Huang@fredonia.edu
  • Junaid Zubairi, Junaid,Zubairi@fredonia.edu
  • Gurmukh Singh, Gurmukh.Singh@fredonia.edu


  • Angela Pucciarelli Rice, Angela.PucciarelliRice@fredonia.edu
  • Idalia Torres, Idalia.Torres@fredonia.edu
  • Paul Starcher, Paul.Starcher@fredonia.edu
  • Christopher Taverna, Christopher.Taverna@fredonia.edu
  • Janet Mayer,  Janet.Mayer@fredonia.edu