Questions Regarding Retro Payments

Dear Colleagues, If you have questions regarding the calculations for, or lack of, retro pay in the 11/22 paycheck, please reach out to the campus payroll office with any questions about how your increase was calculated or omitted. If you still have questions or concerns with regards to payroll’s response, then contact your UUP Buffalo […]

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2023-26 State/UUP Agreement – Implementation of Salary Increases

Dear Colleagues, Please note the following from UUP Central received this morning: It is now official that the 2022 2% and 2023 3% across the board (ATB) increases will be paid in the November 22, 2023 paycheck.  That check will include both the retroactive cash generated by these increases and the adjustment in bi-weekly base […]

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2023-26 State/UUP Agreement – Effective Dates and Implementation Dates

Dear Colleagues, Please see the following from Statewide President, Fred Kowal regarding Effective Dates and Implementation Dates of the new contract: Dear Colleagues:  As we continue to work with the State and SUNY on implementation of the new terms of the 2023-26 State/UUP Agreement, I write to update you on the current information we have […]