Urgent Information on New Choice NY Spam

Please see the following message from Statewide President, Fred Kowal.

I am writing to you today concerning two important issues.

First, several chapters have reported that members are receiving an email from a group called New Choice NY.  Please ask your colleagues to delete these spam messages.  New Choice NY is an anti-union organization which was recently created post-Janus specifically to mount a campaign to encourage members to resign their union membership. We are currently working with SUNY and GOER to address this spam distribution.  Please be advised that not all members are receiving this message because some spam filters are catching it.  If members have questions regarding their membership with UUP, they can call UUP’s Membership Line (518-640-6678) between 9 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday.

Secondly, by now all members and non-members should have received a letter from me via USPS. This bulk mailing included a copy of UUP’s updated membership card. Many members recommitted prior to the mailing. If they have already recommitted, they do not need to do so again. We did this as another attempt to reach our membership as broadly as possible.  Again, any questions can be directed to our Membership Line (518-640-6678).

In Solidarity,


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