Individual Development Awards (IDA)

IDAs are designed to support a variety of professional development projects or activities, assisting eligible employees in developing their full professional potential and preparing for advancement. Campus Professional Development Committees, comprised of chapter UUP members and management representatives, are formed to review applications and award funding. Funding is available to full- and part-time bargaining unit members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for the 2023-2024 UB IDA?

The UB 2023-2024 IDA application deadline was February 16th. The IDA Committee has finished reviewing over 400 submitted applications. Now, the recommendations require review by the NY Office of Employee Relations (OER) to finalize the awards. We aim to notify applicants by late April or early May. Thank you sincerely for your patience!

Are late submissions accepted?

No. Late submissions are not able to be considered.

Where do I submit my application?

During a current award period, applications should be submitted to a secure UBbox folder. See Application Procedure within:

How do I know you received my application submission?

After you upload your file and submit the upload form, you will be presented with a refreshed browser page stating: Success! Your file has been submitted.

Should I upload a breakdown of the costs also in a separate document or is the Budget Summary sufficient?

Information broken down within the Budget Summary section of the application is sufficient.

Do I need to sign the IDA application form?

No. Since applications must be submitted using UB Box and your unique UBIT username and password are required to submit, it is not necessary to sign the UUP IDA application.

If I don’t have the required materials by the application deadline, can I still submit them?

Yes. Applications can be submitted without all required activity or project information. Other documents that are not dependent on the activity or project, like a brief CV, etc are required at the time of submission.

Can I apply for reimbursement for an activity that hasn’t occurred yet?

Yes. Estimate the costs associated with your activity or project and submit for the award. If approved and at reimbursement time, you will be required to provide actual costs and activity documentation.

Can I repay my department or grant with the Individual Development Award reimbursement?

No. The award cannot be used as a reimbursement to your department or grant.

Can I submit my UUP Buffalo Health Sciences Chapter or the Graduate Student Employee Union (GSEU) IDA application to the Box folder linked from the UB HR website?

No. The UUP Buffalo Health Sciences Chapter (HSC) has a separate submission process and committee processing applications. HSC at can provide more information on that program. The GSEU has a separate submission process and committee processing applications. UB HR at can provide more information on this program.

Why didn’t I receive an award I applied for?

This happens for a variety of reasons. You should receive a reason from UB HR why your application was denied the award. Your application could be missing information in required parts of the application or missing required attachments. Your application could be for a project or activity that was already funded by a grant or your department. Your application could be requesting reimbursement for non-fundable activities. You should receive a reason from UB HR as to why your application was denied the award.

Can I pay my graduate assistant who helps me with my research or research subjects?

No. Awards cannot be used to pay for graduate assistants/research assistants or research subjects.

How do I know you received my application?

After you upload your file to the UB Box folder, you will receive an upload confirmation on the screen. You can also email and we can check for you.

What is the threshold for service purchases in which I have to obtain quotes?

$250-500 require 2 quotes. Greater than $500 requires 3 quotes.

If there are 2 submission timeframes for the current award year, can I submit in both?

Yes, as long as you are submitting for separate projects in separate applications. You will still be held to the maximum $2,000.00 yearly award limit.

How should I calculate mileage costs for an upcoming trip?

Use the round-trip mileage multiplied by the federal mileage per diem rate at the time of travel. Mileage per diem can be found at–pov-mileage

I made a mistake on my application. Can I resubmit?

Yes, as long as it is before the announced deadline. We will consider the files with the latest upload date. You can also email to let us know your intentions as well.

Is this fund structured in a way that entails assuming a risk by attending a conference, undertaking a course, or another project submission without the guarantee of reimbursement?

Yes, you would be applying for a reimbursement award subject to the availability of funds, accurate completion of the application, and possible partial funding due to the number of applicants who submit. In the past, applications have mostly been rejected due to incomplete information or submission outside of the timeframe of the award. To ensure your application is not denied, follow the instructions carefully and complete the required sections of the application, attaching the documentation and submitting all of your files as one single file.

Can I get reimbursed for the fees associated with Tuition?

Fees associated with tuition are not an eligible reimbursable expense.

What if I have additional questions about acceptable travel expenses?

UB Travel Services would be the knowledge expert in this area. Please visit for more information on UB travel policies.