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What is VOTE-COPE?

VOTE-COPE is the Voice of Teachers for Education – Committee on Political Education, the nonpartisan political action arm of New York State United Teachers and its affiliates. Funded entirely by voluntary contributions from members, VOTE-COPE is used to help union-backed candidates and campaign committees that support education and labor. (No union dollars are used to support candidates or campaign committees.)

VOTE-COPE helps strengthen political action programs at the national, state and local levels. On the local level, VOTE-COPE provides rebates to participating unions for local political action.

VOTE-COPE funds, by law, are kept separate from those of NYSUT. Decisions on the use of VOTE-COPE contributions are made by a statewide committee. VOTE-COPE solicits and accepts only voluntary contributions. Contributions to VOTE-COPE are not tax deductible.