Chapter Committees & Committee Chairs


Affirmative Action-Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Officer – Jessica LaBella
9.2.1 Affirmative Action Committee: The Affirmative Action Committee shall assist the Affirmative Action Officer in monitoring campus Affirmative Action programs and policies, and shall recommend actions designed to implement and enforce Affirmative Action goals.

Outreach/Political Action VOTE Cope
Officer – Vacant
9.2.2 Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee shall assist the Outreach Chairperson in planning and coordinating activities that inform legislators of Chapter and UUP needs,  and educate the Chapter membership about legislation of interest to UUP. It shall coordinate activities with the statewide UUP Outreach Committee and coordinate the annual Vote/Cope campaign.

Membership Committee
Officer – Domenic Licata
9.2.3 Membership Committee: The Membership Committee shall assist the Membership Chairperson in recruiting new members; organizing membership drives; maintaining up-to-date lists of members; and disseminating literature to the membership.

Works closely with the Officers, Depart Reps., and Officer of Contingents

Contingent Concerns
Officers – Tricia Canty & Talent Tigere

9.2.4 Contingent Concerns Committee: The Contingent Concerns Committee shall assist the Officer for Contingents to encourage and promote membership and activity of part-timers, and shall make recommendations with regard to organizational structures wherein contingents work.

Safety & Health Committee
Chair – Don Erb

9.2.5 Safety and Health Committee: The Safety and Health Committee shall assist the Safety and Health Chairperson to identify and review safety related issues affecting employees and shall recommend plans for the correction of such matters.

Women’s Rights & Concerns
Chair – Barbara Wejnert

9.2.6 Women’s Rights and Concerns Committee: The Women’s Rights and Concerns Committee shall report to the President, the Chapter Board, and the Delegate Assembly with respect to fair and equal treatment of women, their issues and concerns, and shall work to assure that fairness and equity for women, their issues and concerns are manifested on local campuses and are reflected in activities and policies of UUP and its affiliates.

Works with Affirmative Action and RESJ committees.

Opportunity Programs
Chairs – Shirley Bennett & Nancy Lane

9.2.7 Opportunity Programs Committee: The Opportunity Programs Committee shall focus on identifying and investigating issues related to the EOP and EOC programs in SUNY.


Communications Committee:
Chair – Joseph Didomizio
Members assist with the Chapter’s communications strategies that can help link our work, communications, and events together to inform and educate our members using a variety of technology and social platforms (newsletter, webpage, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Racial Equality and Social Justice Committee:
Chair – Henry Taylor
Works with Affirmative Action -Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer – Jessica Labella
Members of this committee will address racial equality and social justice issues as they affect our members and the university community.

Contract Preparation Committee:
Chair – Kathleen Kielar
Members of this committee will coordinate the efforts and communication between the Chapter UUP Central as it relates to the upcoming contract negotiations. Will identify information to be sent to the membership along with coordinating of any surveys or meeting requests.

Solidarity Action Group 
Chair – Vacant
Often, the Chapter is notified with very little notice, on various events that promote Solidarity, and assist efforts among the various unions throughout Western New York. This group of members will be directly notified when these events occur and be expected to participate as often as possible with these events.

Veterans Committee:
Chair James Mauck
Members of this committee will work on identifying members who are veterans. Members will address veterans concerns and issues as well as promote and participate in various events.

By-Laws Review Committee:
Chairs – Mike Formato & Ken Kern
Members of this committee will review the current set of Chapter By-Laws, compare them to existing practices of the Chapter, and recommend changes as identified.

Campus Professional Development Committee

Individual Development Awards (IDA)

IDAs are designed to support a variety of professional development projects or activities, assisting eligible employees in developing their full professional potential and to prepare for advancement. Campus Professional Development Committees, comprised of chapter UUP members and management representatives, are formed to review applications and award funding. Funding is available to full- and part-time bargaining unit members.

College Review Panel

Per Appendix A 28 of the contract:
(1) review applications for promotions of the type defined in Section II, Paragraph C(2) and make decisions and recommendations with respect to such applications in accordance with appropriate provisions of Paragraph E(2); and
(2) review applications for salary increases resulting from a permanent and significant increase in duties and responsibilities which are not accompanied by a change in title or rank.

Don Erb
Elizabeth Lesswing
Cheri Weber
Eileen Hassett
Mary Ellen Donathen
Tricia Canty
Pamela Stephens-Jackson
Rita Hamilton