Buffalo Center Delegates

The delegates make up the governing body of UUP. They have chapter-level and state-level responsibilities. Delegates represent their chapter colleagues in UUP discussions, decision-making, and efforts to help solve problems. They also play an important role in facilitating chapter communications with members, serving as and recruiting department/building reps, and organizing the membership to become engaged in union activities. At the state level, delegates from all chapters meet each year. Their duties include establishing policies for the union, deciding on proposed amendments to the UUP Constitution, adopting UUP’s annual budget, and electing statewide officers and Executive Board members (UUP Constitution, Article VI).

Please visit the following link for more information on the roles/responsibilities of being a delegate.




Michael Baugh
Shirley Bennett
Gary Casarella
John Cordaro
Matthew Dimick
Nancy Lane
Ruth Meyerowitz
Kenneth Norman
Marian Slaughter
Gwendolyn Triplett
Paul Zarembka
Ezra Zubrow


Keisha Alston
Harvey Axlerod
David Ballard
Thomas Burke
Mary Casarella
Russell Crispell
Alex DeSha
Karen Dunn
David Emhof
Mike Formato
Roscoe Garner
Moriah Bolinsky Hegmann
Hugh Jarvis
Stacey Johnson
Maureen Kanaley
Ken Kern
Kathleen Kielar
Domenic Licata
Timothy Matie
James Mauck
Lisa Monpere-Cruz
Terry Patterson
Kevin Ragland
Michelle Riggio
Daniel Ryan
Melinda Saran
Michael Stoklosa
Tim Tryjankowski
Tom Tucker
Roosevelt Wardlaw

*Please note – Chapter Delegates change with each election cycle.