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Additional Names for your Consideration

Dear Colleagues,

The Chapter has been notified of additional individual who would like to be considered for a position, yet their name will not appear on the official ballot.

For Professional Ballots Only: Michael Formato is interested in the position of Professional Delegate.

This individual should be considered as a “Write In” vote.

As a reminder, when you cast a “Write In” vote, this vote counts towards the “Vote For Up To ___” number.

Members can add more than one “Write In” vote. Please make sure that your “Write In’ votes are legible.

When tabulating votes for Delegates:
Members who receive 5 votes are eligible to be a Statewide Chapter Delegate.
Members who receive 10 votes become Chapter Board Members.

“Your Vote Is Your Voice – Use It!”

In Solidarity,

Ken Kern
Chapter President
UUP Buffalo Center