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Chapter Election Schedule

Dear Colleagues,

Your UUP Buffalo Center Chapter has received the tentative schedule for Chapter Elections to be held during the Spring of 2023.

  • January 18 & 19 – Nomination Forms are scheduled to be sent out to the Membership
  • February 17 – Nominations Close
  • February 22 – Nomination Lists and scheduled to be posted to the web.
  • March 14 through 16 – Chapter Elections Ballots are scheduled to be mailed out to the Chapter Members.
  • April 21 – Chapter Election Ballots Due
  • April 24 through 28 – chapter Election Ballots are scheduled to be counted.

In addition to the 8 Officer positions to be voted on, this is also your opportunity to run for and be elected as a Chapter Board member and/or Delegate under the category of either Professional Delegate or Academic Delegate.

UUP Statewide By-Laws identify that a minimum of 5 votes are required to be a Chapter Delegate to the Statewide Delegate Assembly. Traditionally the Chapter has about 20 Academic seats, and 20 Professional seats.

UUP Buffalo Center Chapter By-laws identify that a minimum of 10 votes are required to be a member of the Chapter Board. There is no limit to the number of seats for the Chapter Board.

Members who receive the minimum number of 10 votes for the Chapter Board DO NOT have to commit to being a Chapter Delegate.

The 8 Officer Positions include:

  1. Chapter President
  2. Chapter Vice President for Academics
  3. Chapter Vice president for Professionals
  4. Chapter Secretary
  5. Chapter Treasurer
  6. Chapter Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer
  7. Chapter Officer for Contingents
  8. Chapter Officer for Retirees

Details on what is required/expected for all these elected positions can be found at:

In Solidarity,

Ken Kern
Chapter President
UUP Buffalo Center