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New Style UB ID Card Costs

Dear Colleagues,

The university is currently utilizing, assigning, and distributing new chip style UB ID Cards. This new style chip card is designed to allow you current and future access to various areas of the university – the first of which is the new University Club. While faculty and staff receive their first UB Card free of charge (new employees), there are fees associated for current employees to receive this new style UB ID Card.

The various fees being charged to existing employees can be found here:

The UUP Buffalo Center Chapter has been made aware of divisions/departments that are paying through their budgets (at a considerable lesser cost per card), for their employees to receive this card upgrade at no additional personal cost.

The UUP Buffalo Center Chapter believes that in solidarity, a benefit for some should be a benefit for all, and further believes that the university is allowing this particular benefit to only some of our members.

Therefore, while the Chapter continues to work with Employee Relations on this issue, the Chapter encourages all members to check with your individual division/department head/chair/supervisor to identify whether your department/division will cover the cost of an ID Card upgrade, and to please let the Chapter know if your department is refusing to do so.

In Solidarity,

Ken Kern
Chapter President
UUP Buffalo Center