Advocacy Call To Action Demonstration


Thank you for your consideration and support.

STARBUCKS Coffee With Comrades: 

Order something simple at a Starbucks in Buffalo and let workers know you support their right to organize and are proud of what they are doing. Starbucks partners are the union, and they need our support in the face of union busting. More info here:

GSEU Support: 

As part of your Chapter Board Meeting this week, members of the Board approved support of a petition being generated by our colleagues of the Graduate Student Employee Union (GSEU).
Members are encouraged to see the following from UB GSEU Chief Steward, Joseph Sechrist, and participate in signing the petition:

Hi everyone,

As you know, the College of Arts and Sciences within the University at Buffalo set a $20,000 stipend baseline for full-time funded PhD graduate workers in 2019. In June of this year, we also got broad-based fees covered for full-time funded PhD graduate workers. However, there are still many exceptions to the rule – too many graduate workers at UB still make less than $20k and still pay fees. So, GSEU is currently circulating a petition calling for a 22k stipend and fee waivers for all graduate workers. While this is still well short of a living wage, we want to eliminate inequities in our pay as a first unified step. More details are in the petition itself.

We’d really appreciate if you’d be willing to sign the petition in solidarity (you can sign on as faculty, staff, etc.) and share it with your respective members to sign as well!

Thank you,
– Joey
Chief Steward, UB GSEU

Goldsmiths Resolution: 

Thanks to the efforts of members of the UUP Buffalo Center Chapter, the Chapter officers and Board Members were made aware of issues involving the Goldsmiths University and College Union (GUCU) in a dispute of international significance on an issue that impacts all of higher education. The Buffalo Center Chapter will always try to support its labor colleagues, when possible, particularly at the request of its members.

In cases when universities continue to increase administrative costs and funding at the expense of retaining or hiring faculty, The Buffalo Center Chapter will show our support to our labor colleagues.

Members are encouraged to participate in various ways as outlined in the attached resolution.

The resolution can be found here