Course Development Agreements/Intellectual Property – SPECIAL BULLETIN

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the following information from Statewide Vice President for Academics, Jamie Dangler. This information is also for any professional staff that are teaching.

In solidarity,
Ken Kern
Chapter President
UUP Buffalo Center

Dear UUP Chapter Leaders,

Please see UUP’s new Special Bulletin on faculty courses and intellectual property concerns at the link below – and share it with colleagues.

In the context of online course expansion some faculty are being presented with course development agreements that give their campus intellectual property ownership of their courses/course materials.  Faculty lose their intellectual property rights only if they sign a written waiver surrendering ownership of their work. Individuals should know the full implications of what they are asked to sign and whether there are possibilities for alternatives that do not relinquish their ownership rights. 

Jamie Dangler, PhD
Vice President for Academics
United University Professions

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