Did You Know

Dress Code

The University cannot unilaterally impose a dress code. Dress codes are a term and condition of employment that must be negotiated with UUP before it can be implemented. A dress code is a requirement to wear a specific type of clothing, e.g. you must wear a tie, or khaki pants to work. Another way to impose a dress code, is being told not wear a specific type of clothing such as a supervisor telling you that you cannot wear jeans to work. 

This is not the same as a supervisor telling you that a type of clothing is inappropriate, e.g. don’t wear jeans with holes, cut off t-shirts. 

Some departments have guidelines on what to wear and/or not wear. These are simply guidelines and are not a policy. If you are told you are required to follow it, do so, so that you are not insubordinate, and let us know right away. You can also share this notification with them. In the past, we have been able to stop these attempts very easily. 

Any questions, please contact the chapter office at 716.276.3377 or email at

Last updated: April 2020