Did You Know

Mileage and Parking

Did you know that if you have to travel to a meeting located off site from your regular work location, you have several options: 

  • you can be told to take a University vehicle, 
  • you can be told to take the UB shuttle, or
  • if neither of those are options, and you drive your personal vehicle, you are entitled to be reimbursed for both mileage and parking.

Mileage expenses are specifically referenced in the UUP Contract: 

ARTICLE 22 Travel Allowances and Relocation Expenses 

§22.2 Mileage Allowance The State agrees to provide, subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Comptroller, a mileage allowance rate equal to the Internal Revenue Service’s standard mileage allowance for the use of personal vehicles for those persons eligible for such allowance in connection with official travel 

Also see UB HR Allowable Mileage and Per Diem Expenses which details your right to mileage. 

Should you have any problems getting reimbursement, please let us know: 716.276.3377 or 

Last updated: April 2020