Did You Know

Anti-Union Animus

Every UUP member has the legal right to consult with the union over any issue involving the terms and conditions of employment. This right is written into the Public Employees Fair Employment Act, commonly known as the Taylor Law, a labor relations statute covering most public employees in New York State. The legal term for the violation of this right is anti-union animus.

UUP consults with our members every day.  Reaching out to the union for information or assistance does not make an employee guilty of creating a confrontational situation. He or she is using a resource guaranteed to them by law.

In addition, both the UUP contract and the Taylor Law prohibit anyone from retaliating against an employee for exercising his or her right to consult with the union.

 It is therefore completely improper for any colleague or supervisor to tell an employee that he or she “should not go to the union” or “should not have gone to the union,” or to retaliate against an employee either directly or subtly for exercising this contractual right.

UUP takes such behavior very seriously, so if it occurs, please advise your grievance officer at once. We cannot change this practice if we don’t know where or when it occurs. Your name will be held in confidence and only used with your explicit permission.

If you suspect Anti-Union behavior, please contact your appropriate Grievance Officer or officer.  A list of Chapter Officers can be found at:

Last updated: April 2020