Fredonia Sick Leave Bank

UUP, in partnership with the Payroll Services Office and Human Resources and other local bargaining unit representatives, is pleased to promote the Fredonia Sick Leave Bank for all Fredonia employees (Management/Confidential, UUP, CSEA, NYSPBA and PEF).

The Fredonia Sick Leave Bank will allow an employee who is out of sick leave accruals for their own personal illness, to receive up to five (5) extra sick days from the Sick Leave Bank. These accruals can be used as either whole or half days in order to help remain in paid status during the  time of absence.

Any Fredonia employee who accrues vacation days may donate to the Sick Leave Bank, including any vacation days over the 40 day maximum that may otherwise be lost (as of January 1st each year for UUP and M/C, or April 1st   for CSEA, PEF and NYSPBA).  Donations to the Sick Leave Bank can be made at any time throughout the year.

The Leave Donation Form to the Sick Leave Bank is available from this link.
If you have any questions regarding donating to the Sick Leave Bank, please contact the Payroll Services Office at x3775, or UUP office x3595, or email Susan Cortes at, or UUP office

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