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Downstate UUPers march in Labor Day parade

Dozens of Downstate Medical Center Chapter UUPers
marched down Manhattan’s 5th Avenue onSept. 10, joining
more than 50,000 of their union brothers and sisters in the NYC
Central Labor Council’s annual Labor Day parade.

Led by Chapter President Rowena Blackman-Stroud, Downstate
UUPers—along with UUPers from several other chapters—marched
with members of the United Federation of Teachers and the
Professional Staff Congress/City University of New York in the parade.

Statewide Vice President for Academics Fred Floss,
Membership Development Officer Edward Quinn and Acting
Vice President for Professionals Philippe Abraham were also at
the event, as was AFT President Randi Weingarten (above) and
NYSUT Executive Vice President Andrew Pallotta.

Nearly 120 unions and pro-organized labor groups marched in
the parade, including the New York State AFL-CIO, the Screen
Actors Guild, and the Public Employees Federation.

Staying Connected

As we continue our Staying Connected campaign, we encourage all members
to submit their personal email addresses to the UUP office at ext. 1519 so they
will receive frequent updates of campus/chapter issues.

UUPers are encouraged to check the UUP bulletin boards located throughout the
campus for current union information. The bulletin boards can be found in the
following locations:

  • Next to Bursars office (across from Room 1-101)
  • Next to elevator No. 20 in hallways near Basic Sciences Building
    (side entrance to cafeteria, across from FM&D Room 1-15)
  • Inside cafeteria (on back wall)
  • In hallway near Hospital-side entrance to cafeteria
    (across from A1-310 and next to A1-342A)
  • Next to UUP office (Room 2-71P)

UUPers can call the UUP chapter office at ext. 1519 and have information faxed to them to
post on their department bulletin boards.

UUPers can visit the UUP chapter office (Room 2-71P) to obtain information.

Visit the UUP website at