September 2020 Newsletter

Messages from Chapter President Rowena Blackman-Stroud:

Hazard Pay (Click Here)

Workers Compensation (Click here)

June 19, 2020 News Brief

June 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter

April 3, 2020 News Brief

2020 Spring Chapter Newsletter

Salary Equity Study

Salary Compression and DSI List

January 2020 Newsletter

Salary Compression Memo

Transparency Bills:  Glick    |    Stavisky

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Winter 2019 Newsletter

Individual Development Award Announcement

Individual Development Award Guidelines and Application


The Constitution and Governance committee has completed the re-run of the

Professional Governing Board – Downstate Chapter.  The results are posted at: http://uupinfo.org/elections/results/chapter/Downstate/19/ReRunResults.pdf. (click on link)

Click here for the ballot

Tell lawmakers to pass legislation to use state funds to match federal DSH funding for SUNY’s public hospitals!

Tell lawmakers to restore the $87 million subsidy to SUNY’s state-operated teaching hospitals!

Tell lawmakers to support $75 million for a new parking garage at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University!

NEW!!! President Kowal DSI Announcement

2019 Downstate Chapter Election Results – click here

Print, sign, and return our petition opposing draconian parking fee increases (click here)  Return signed petitions to the UUP office located –  second floor – BSB- 2-71P.


UUP HOSPITALS ADVOCACY BROCHURE: A Renewed Commitment to SUNY’s Academic Medical Centers 

Current DMC By-Laws

New UUP ad campaign urges Albany to invest in SUNY hospitals

Downstate Television Ad

On behalf of our 3,000 members, welcome to the SUNY Downstate
Medical Center Chapter of United University Professions (UUP).

We hope that you find your association with our UUP chapter personally
satisfying and professionally rewarding.

United University Professions is charged with the responsibility of negotiating

all of your benefits. Some of these benefits are administered by the campus
administration and some are administered by UUP.

The Downstate Medical Center Chapter is very active. We’ve
successfully advocated for additional resources for our institution
on an annual basis. UUP’s effectiveness depends on the participation
of all of its members. As a member, you are qualified to vote for the
ratification of contracts as well as elections for UUP’s officers.
Since UUP represents the faculty and professional staff at 32 SUNY
campuses and only three of them include a hospital, it’s important
that we at the Downstate Medical Center Chapter maximize our participation.

I encourage you to join UUP. If you have not signed a UUP membership card,
I encourage you to do so. You may also complete the membership application
online on UUP’s website Here.

For more information, please contact the chapter office at
(718) 270-1519, the UUP administrative office at (800) 342-4206,
or the UUP website at uupinfo.org. I can be reached via email at


Rowena Blackman-Stroud
Chapter President

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