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Dear Colleagues,

As a follow up to the  February 23, 2021 membership meeting, I am forwarding you a message from UUP President Fred Kowal on the 2020 Salary Compression Analysis and Distribution.    Once Human Resources has completed the regression analyses,  we will apprise you of :

1.  The date of distribution of the Salary Compression and the Discretionary Salary Increase.

2.  The  Human Resources  contact liaison, who will respond to your concerns and questions regarding Salary Compression issues.

Thanks. View the salary compression document here:


Be Well and Stay Safe.




Thank you for your hard work!

Dear Colleagues,

I want to personally thank you for participating in UUP’s Political Advocacy efforts over the past couple of months. We could not do this important work without you.  

Because of you, our federal and state lawmakers know that we are expecting them to join us in this fight to ensure SUNY has the resources needed to continue delivering the high quality education and critical services we provide to the people of NY State.   

Over the past few weeks, you and many of our community allies contacted our legislators via letters, phone calls, lobby visits, social media and more. We are building power through our political advocacy, and the work that you are doing is making a difference. Now is the time to take the next step.   

I am asking you to contact your legislators and ask them to pass the Invest In Our New York Act: a package of six state bills that raises more than $50 billion to ensure we can take care of each other and rebuild our economy by ending tax breaks for the richest New Yorkers.  

Your next steps matter!  

  1. Sign the petition – Help New Yorkers Survive with the Invest in Our New York Act!  
  2. Sign up to call New Yorkers about Invest in Our NY and connect them to their legislators. 

Being an advocate is a demanding task, and you are making an unforgettable difference. Thank you for contributing your time and energy, and I hope you will continue with us in our effort to

fight the good fight!  

In solidarity,   

Dr. Fred Kowal,

Statewide President, UUP



Dear colleagues, 

The governor’s 2021-2022 Executive Budget proposal paints a very bleak financial picture for New York state and SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University. The governor’s budget is a worst-case scenario spending plan, unsteadily built on the uncertainty of how much New York will receive in COVID-19 relief funding from the Biden administration. 

The governor has proposed a significant cut of approximately $46 million in general operating support for SUNY in the Executive Budget. 

The need for funding from both the federal government and revenue raisers at the state level is critical. Now is the time for us to continue the hard work of advocacy and show our commitment to the cause, to push our elected officials, and make our voices heard. 

We are undertaking multiple actions over the coming weeks to reach both our congressional delegation and our legislators in Albany. We need you to participate. It is through a collective effort that we are most effective. 

1.   Please start by sending a letter to Majority Leader Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand and your member of Congress that we must pass President Biden’s Stimulus Plan that should deliver $15 billion to New York’s budget, $45 billion to higher education across the United States and deliver funds for our healthcare system. The timing is crucial and we must be heard! Visit here to send your letter: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/pass-president-bidens-covid-19-stimulus-bill/ 

2.   On February 11th and 12th UUP will hold our UUP Higher Ed Lobby Days. Below is a link to sign up for either one, or both, of these days to have a virtual meeting with Assembly members and Senators. Register here.

3.   Please call or email your elected officials:  

  • Congressional Representative 
  • NYS Assembly person 
  • NYS Senator 

You can email or call the chapter office at (718) 270-1519 for more information and talking points. 

           4.   We will keep you apprised of updated advocacy information and actions.  

Please share this email with colleagues and friends to magnify our impact. 

In Solidarity – 




Funding for the Individual Development Award Program (“IDA”) is provided

under the 2016-2022 Agreement between UUP and the State of New York.

You can access the fillable application form, by clicking here: 2020-21 INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT AWARD APPLICATION  

You can also call the Chapter office at (718) 270-1519 and arrange to pick up an application. 

All eligible UUP bargaining unit members may apply for a maximum of $1,000 to help support such activities as:

Ø Attendance at professional conferences

Ø Coursework to enhance professional skills

Ø Small research projects

The activity period covers one round of IDA awards:

·        July 2, 2020 to July  1, 2021


FRIDAY, MARCH  5,  2021




For  further information, contact the UUP office at (718) 270-1519.


January 2021 Newsletter

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2020-21 – Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP)

The Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) open enrollment period is upon us.  This negotiated program provides UUP-represented employees who are enrolled in State-provided health benefits and who accrue vacation leave an important opportunity to reduce their bi-weekly employee share of NYSHIP health insurance premiums.  It is extremely important that members who accrue vacation leave are aware that this opportunity exists and that they must enroll on or before November 30 2020 to receive this benefit.   

To provide you with more detailed information about PEP, the State-issued PEP Program Guidelines are attached to this e-mail .  For further detailed information, please click on the link: http://uuphost.org/downstatemedicalcenter/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/PEPfactsheet2021color.pdf

For the application form click HERE

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Messages from Chapter President Rowena Blackman-Stroud:

Hazard Pay (Click Here)

Workers Compensation (Click here)

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Individual Development Award Guidelines and Application


The Constitution and Governance committee has completed the re-run of the

Professional Governing Board – Downstate Chapter.  The results are posted at: http://uupinfo.org/elections/results/chapter/Downstate/19/ReRunResults.pdf. (click on link)

Click here for the ballot

Tell lawmakers to pass legislation to use state funds to match federal DSH funding for SUNY’s public hospitals!

Tell lawmakers to restore the $87 million subsidy to SUNY’s state-operated teaching hospitals!

Tell lawmakers to support $75 million for a new parking garage at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University!

NEW!!! President Kowal DSI Announcement

Print, sign, and return our petition opposing draconian parking fee increases (click here)  Return signed petitions to the UUP office located –  second floor – BSB- 2-71P.


UUP HOSPITALS ADVOCACY BROCHURE: A Renewed Commitment to SUNY’s Academic Medical Centers 

Current DMC By-Laws

New UUP ad campaign urges Albany to invest in SUNY hospitals

Downstate Television Ad

On behalf of our 3,000 members, welcome to the SUNY Downstate
Medical Center Chapter of United University Professions (UUP).

We hope that you find your association with our UUP chapter personally
satisfying and professionally rewarding.

United University Professions is charged with the responsibility of negotiating

all of your benefits. Some of these benefits are administered by the campus
administration and some are administered by UUP.

The Downstate Medical Center Chapter is very active. We’ve
successfully advocated for additional resources for our institution
on an annual basis. UUP’s effectiveness depends on the participation
of all of its members. As a member, you are qualified to vote for the
ratification of contracts as well as elections for UUP’s officers.
Since UUP represents the faculty and professional staff at 32 SUNY
campuses and only three of them include a hospital, it’s important
that we at the Downstate Medical Center Chapter maximize our participation.

I encourage you to join UUP. If you have not signed a UUP membership card,
I encourage you to do so. You may also complete the membership application
online on UUP’s website Here.

For more information, please contact the chapter office at
(718) 270-1519, the UUP administrative office at (800) 342-4206,
or the UUP website at uupinfo.org. I can be reached via email at


Rowena Blackman-Stroud
Chapter President

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