What is UUP?

UUP is the union representing academic and professional employees of the State University of New York.

Organized in the early 1970s, the union now represents over 30,000 members throughout the State, and is affiliated with the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and through these organizations, with the American Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL/CIO). The entire UUP Statewide constitutes one large local of NYSUT, Local 2190.

There are 33 chapters within the UUP. The Alfred State Chapter represents about 300 people, in both academic and professional staff.

Membership rights and responsibilities: No one is compelled to join the UUP. However, the union is legally obligated to provide contractual protections, including negotiated raises, benefits, and grievance representation, to non-members, and non-members are obligated to pay “agency fees.” As a member, you have the democratic right to vote on the contracts and on your union officers. You can also participate in local Chapter meetings, which may affect your terms and conditions of employment, and take part in committee work within the chapter or State-wide.
Under the New York State “Taylor Law,” State employees may not legally go on strike, but if our contract runs out before a new one is negotiated, the State must extend the old contractual rights, unlike the situation in private industry, where employers may fire people or cut their pay as soon as a contract expires.

What does UUP do?
The union negotiates contracts, which determine minimum salary rates, health benefits, a grievance procedure, and many of the rights that we now have, including parking, tuition-free courses (on space-available terms), and Individual Development Awards.

The union also negotiates agreements with the State regarding evaluation and promotion procedures, including the Memorandum of Understanding between the University and UUP relating to a system of Evaluation and Promotion for Professional Employees.

The union administers some of the health benefits; at present, this includes dental insurance and vision care.

The union studies many aspects of our working life and recommends improvements attempts to correct problems, address injustices, and assure that all members receive due process rights. The union lobbies State legislators and other elected representatives on behalf of SUNY and all public education.

What does the Alfred State Chapter do?
The UUP Chapter holds regular Membership meetings, at least once a semester, and special meetings when needed. For example, before negotiations for each contract begin, there is a special meeting on the contract.

The UUP Chapter also holds regular chapter board and labor-management meetings.

The Chapter is looking for more activists, people who are interested in improving the climate on campus for our members, people who want to see a more democratic and just workplace, and people who want to help in labor’s struggle for a fairer world.

To be eligible to join UUP, you must:

  1. Be an employee of the State University of New York AND
  2. Belong to the Professional Services Negotiation Unit (PSNU, also called the 08 Bargaining Unit)

Joining United University Professions is as simple as filling out the online membership form:

UUP | Membership Application Form (uupunion.org)

Having membership in UUP entitles you to:

  1. Vote on the collective bargaining agreement
  2. Attend union meetings
  3. Hold union office
  4. Elect union leaders on your campus and at the state and national levels
  5. Upon separation of service, obtain Associate Membership with NYSUT and be eligible for benefit programs
  6. Maintain membership after retirement and be eligible for benefit programs