CEC: Charge, Mission, and Strategic Plan

Charge of the Contingent Employment Committee

The Contingent Employment Committee shall be composed of the elected chapter Officers for Contingents as well as other members appointed at the discretion of the UUP President; shall encourage membership and activity of contingent members with respect to the treatment of contingent academics and professionals, and their issues and concerns; shall recommend policies and programs to meet the needs of contingent academics and professionals; shall work with other committees as directed by the Executive Board; may consider other matters referred to it; and shall draft proposals to ensure equity and fairness for contingent members throughout SUNY and in the activities and policies of UUP and its affiliates.

Mission of the CEC

In keeping with the constitutional charge of this committee, the Contingent Employment Committee will work to create more equitable terms and conditions of employment for contingent members.

Strategic Plan 

The strategic plan for 2017-2018 is to:

  • Gather data to understand the work and conditions of contingent employees; and
  • Achieve a stronger messaging presence using the Contingent Academic Employment Communications guide with various audiences internal and external to UUP.

Campus Equity Week: Calling all artists


Calling all Campus Equity artists

To the artists among us, Campus Equity Week (CEW) will be your time to shine. No artistic impulses? Get involved anyway—your chapter will appreciate your help. This year, CEW is focused on mAsk4CampusEquity, which will use art—masks created by contingent employees—to “disguise and declare the complex identities of precarious academic workers,” according to the official CEW website. http://www.campusequity2017.com

CEW promotes the contributions of SUNY’s contingents. UUP’s CEW observance will run Oct. 23-27, and many chapters will also observe a national day of action Oct. 31.